We arrived back in Kaihura last Wednesday. And, even with the trip having been a huge success, it was great to be home. After we settled back in and attempted to get all the sand out of our clothes (Oh, poor us!), we were ready to get back to work. We had a Know Think Act team arrive this past Sunday night and they will be with us until Thursday. The team, which is comprised of Travis, Adam, and three ladies that are on the Exchange Tour, has been traveling all over Kenya and Uganda for the last week and a half.

The premise of the Exchange Tour is that these ladies will get a firm grasp of Red Earth Trading Co. and Know Think Act, our beliefs and mission, as well as seeing and learning about our Partners (Bringing Hope to the Family and Action Ministry) before they head out on the Red Earth tour. On this tour, they will help setup and run several Red Earth pop up stores around the US. Having come on this trip, they will be able to better share the vision and mission of Know Think Act while they are running these stores.