Leadership classes have begun again and this time around we have split the classes up by male and female.  This season we have changed the format a bit as we are doing further studies with our past graduates.  Our goal this term is go deeper into our previous material.  Also, in these smaller groups we have better opportunity for discussions and building closer relationships.

We have the privilege to meet so many needs here in Kaihura which is a blessing, but to make a lasting change in this community we have to invest in leaders.  With that thought in mind, Katie and I are excited to have begun these classes again.

We’ll share more from these classes as the term goes on.

The sweet smell of dessert is in the air!  Cookies and cinnamon rolls and donuts oh my! Over the last week Katie has begun baking lessons with a young lady named Esther. Esther has been with Bringing Hope for several years now.  Many of our volunteers will recognize her right away as the Esther that cooks meals for our volunteer teams.

Katie is teaching her how to make several types of desserts/snacks that Village Art will have for sale in its cafe that will be opening soon. Since Esther is already one of Bringing Hope’s best cooks and since she has shown interest in the position, she has been chosen to be the cook for the cafe.

Of course some one has to be quality control for all this baking, right? As true servants to the call, Kolby, Logan and I have stepped up to the plate to ensure that only the best tasting product will be served at Village Art Cafe.  I am pleased to report, thus far everything has been up to standard.

Thanks to several donations, the money for most of the equipment for the cafe has been raised.  With this new funding Bringing Hope to the Family hopes to have the cafe open for business very soon, and we are excited for you to stop by to experience one of Esther’s tasty treats!

After months of praying, thinking, discussing and more praying we finally have a post Uganda plan! Katie and I have committed to serving in Mombasa, Kenya for 2 years after our time in Kaihura comes to a close. While we are in Mombasa we will be working alongside Action Ministry to help them better serve the people at Blessed Camp.

Now, just so every one is aware, this transition is still a little ways off. We are planning to be here in Kaihura until next August. With that thought in mind we, and Bringing Hope to the Family, are focused on getting all of our current projects completed. We are excited to see how far Bringing Hope has come over the last three and a half years. Also, after our time in Uganda comes to an end this will definitely not be the end of our relationship with Bringing Hope. This is a long term relationship between GSM and Bringing Hope, as well as, between the Sasser’s and Bringing Hope. Our time here has been a real blessing to us and for that we will always be grateful.

At this point the plan is that we will be headed back to the States in early August 2013 and we will be there through the end of the year. Our hope is to move to Mombasa in January 2014. We will share more as details become more clear. It’s early yet in this process and there is still a lot to be done here. We want to thank everyone who has been praying for us through this season. We greatly appreciate it.

I would like to introduce you all to Tumwesige Alozio and his mother Toepista.  Alozio is the child that we recently raised funds for on KTA.  He has had a tough first year of his life having been born with fluid on his brain.

As soon as Toepista brought Alozio to Hope Again Medical Center, we were notified.  After meeting them and getting the details we posted the need on KTA.  Amazingly enough within a couple of days we had raised the $2500 needed for his surgery.  Since that point he has had a shunt installed and the swelling is reducing.  His mother said other than the fluid Alozio is doing very well.  She also said the doctor is quite pleased with his progress.

We want to thank everyone who gave towards this need and all of you who have been praying for him.  It’s incredible to think a couple of months ago it looked as if there was no hope for him, but God made a way.  Thanks for being a part of his story.

We have had a lot going on over the last week.  The Exchange Tour team left last week and are now in Kansas City getting ready for their first Red Earth Trading Co. pop up store. They will be there for nearly a month.

Adam, who came along with the team, has stayed with us for an extra week and is heading back to Nashville today.  He is the Community Development Director for Know Think Act.  He has been on staff with us for about a year and a half, but this was his first opportunity to see our work on the ground.  It has been great getting to spend some time with him.

On Saturday, we helped out with the wedding of a Bringing Hope to the Family staff member named Tick Tick.  He came to know Christ over a year ago and did not want to live like many Ugandans who aren’t legally married.  So, he made it his goal to get married this year.  Most of the time finances are the reasoning behind couples not getting officially married here.  But, thankfully, Bringing Hope to the Family took on this challenge and, banding together, they were able to pull off a very nice wedding in the village.

On Wednesday, we went to the village of Kwikiranganiza to see the new shallow well that we assisted this community in constructing.  This well is located near a primary school called Mugamba Ebenezer Primary School that is in an extremely remote area heading towards the Rwenzori Mountains, which is the boarder between Uganda and the Congo.  This school is headed by our friend, Pastor Stephen, who lives in Fort Portal.  Students were lined up to greet us as we arrived and we had a great time seeing the well and interacting with those in attendance.  Over 300 people will benefit from this one well.  It is amazing how much of an impact we can make by simply providing clean water.

As we were preparing to leave, the community leaders blessed us with two live chickens and a bunch of matooke (a type of banana).  After praising God and shaking hands, we started our journey back to Kaihura.

We want to thank everyone who gave towards the construction of this well.  I can assure you that it is money well spent.  Thank you also to everyone who supports Global Support Mission and Know Think Act.  Thank you for believing in us and working alongside us to reach these communities with the love of Christ.