The sweet smell of dessert is in the air!  Cookies and cinnamon rolls and donuts oh my! Over the last week Katie has begun baking lessons with a young lady named Esther. Esther has been with Bringing Hope for several years now.  Many of our volunteers will recognize her right away as the Esther that cooks meals for our volunteer teams.

Katie is teaching her how to make several types of desserts/snacks that Village Art will have for sale in its cafe that will be opening soon. Since Esther is already one of Bringing Hope’s best cooks and since she has shown interest in the position, she has been chosen to be the cook for the cafe.

Of course some one has to be quality control for all this baking, right? As true servants to the call, Kolby, Logan and I have stepped up to the plate to ensure that only the best tasting product will be served at Village Art Cafe.  I am pleased to report, thus far everything has been up to standard.

Thanks to several donations, the money for most of the equipment for the cafe has been raised.  With this new funding Bringing Hope to the Family hopes to have the cafe open for business very soon, and we are excited for you to stop by to experience one of Esther’s tasty treats!