I would like to introduce you all to Tumwesige Alozio and his mother Toepista.  Alozio is the child that we recently raised funds for on KTA.  He has had a tough first year of his life having been born with fluid on his brain.

As soon as Toepista brought Alozio to Hope Again Medical Center, we were notified.  After meeting them and getting the details we posted the need on KTA.  Amazingly enough within a couple of days we had raised the $2500 needed for his surgery.  Since that point he has had a shunt installed and the swelling is reducing.  His mother said other than the fluid Alozio is doing very well.  She also said the doctor is quite pleased with his progress.

We want to thank everyone who gave towards this need and all of you who have been praying for him.  It’s incredible to think a couple of months ago it looked as if there was no hope for him, but God made a way.  Thanks for being a part of his story.