Water is a basic human necessity. Can you imagine what life would be without water? In the Western world this is almost unheard of as the water system is always flowing, but the situation is different in most developing countries where entire communities survive almost without a trace of water, and what they seldom have access to is never fit for human consumption, not to mention that even our capital cities constantly run out of water, which can last for weeks.

One of our goals at Action Ministry is providing communities with access to clean water through the digging of wells. Two weeks ago we started the excavation of a shallow well at the Action Ministry Center – Blessed Camp. Water from this well will be used at the school, clinic and will greatly enhance our food production through irrigation, while the residents will greatly benefit as they will use it for all their domestic purposes.

At about 25 feet down we hope to reach the water surface. The excavation is no easy task as the land structure is all rock and will take a couple of weeks. Once we hit water, the water sample shall be taken for tests inorder to know its mineral contents, and we plan to have an overhead tank to supply the water to all sections.

We are so exited as we look forwad to reaching the water, and also very gratefull to Know Think Act for supporting this initiative!

– Peter

Founder & CEO of Action Ministry, Partner of Know Think Act

This past Friday, Hope Academy, the primary school run by Bringing Hope to the Family, held their end-of-the-year graduation celebration! Each of the classes performed a few songs and several guests and staff members gave speeches.  Prior to the function beginning, the parents of the students were taken on a tour of Dorcas Vocational School. The primary school is relocating to the Dorcas buildings beginning with the next term that starts in February. Up until now they have been renting a couple of small buildings in town and this relocation will allow the school more adequate space and a better environment for the children.

To see a current list of Hope Academy’s needs to help with the relocation, click here.

Today is the last day of our [Thanks + Giving] blog series, and we hope that you have enjoyed being able to hear from each of us on what we are grateful for in these days. I also hope that it has been a great opportunity to spark some conversations about what it means to live thankfully and to give generously. In all of this, know we are thankful for you. Without you and the way you love through local leaders and through meeting the needs of these communities, we would be nothing.

Today I am reminded how thankful I am for our Legacy Foundation. If you didn’t know, one of the aspects of Know Think Act that we all feel the strongest about, is to give 100% of your donation to that specific need. Because we believe so strongly in this 100% model, and giving away 100% of all public donations, we need others to support the staff and the management of the programs. This is called our Legacy Foundation, and the individuals, couples, churches, and businesses who make up our Foundation are our Legacy Members. Because of their faithfulness, we are able to function as an office and as a staff and we are so very grateful.

We are currently looking for new Legacy Members, people who want to join in the work of supporting local leaders through the 100% model, by giving to the organization and work behind the scenes. For more information on becoming a Legacy Member, click here, and if you would like to talk to someone about becoming a Legacy Member, send us an email at info@knowthinkact.com and we would love to start that conversation with you!

Each of us is building a legacy, something so much more than bricks and mortar, and as we conclude this week, we want to say thank you for being a part of the legacy of Know Think Act, and the local leaders we serve alongside.


Community Development Coordinator

Africa + Health Care doesn’t conjure up the best images. Most of you probably think of malaria, AIDS, tiny babies with bloated bellies, open wounds, and flies everywhere. I admit that’s all I knew of Africa before getting involved with the continent myself. That’s why today, I am thankful for local leaders who care for their communities’ medical needs.

This year in Kaihura, Uganda, Bringing Hope to the Family has seen many urgent medical needs met through Know Think Act in record time. Children like Alozio and Adolf have received the urgent medical attention they need and are living better lives because of the ways you have partnered with us (be sure to check this great video update on Adolf’s story). Blessed Camp outside of Mombasa, Kenya has seen their ongoing needs for leprosy and jigger wound care met through 100% of donations on Know Think Act as well as on the ground through a nursing team that traveled through our International Volunteer Program. I am so thankful for the dearth of local leaders who work every day through Hope Again Medical Centre at Bringing Hope to the Family and Blessed Camp at Action Ministry to meet the medical needs of their neighbors. Even more so, I am grateful for the ways you join hands with our Partners in supporting both urgent medical needs and ongoing medical needs, on the ground and from your living room.

So you find yourself asking, “how can I give back to these leaders who are giving so much of their time and talents to serving the health care needs of their communities?” This Thanksgiving, there are two people in Uganda who have medical needs that have not yet been met on Know Think Act: a four-year old boy named Roger, who has open wounds on his face; and a 16-year old girl named Lucy, who has osteomylitis. If you can’t give today, then keep checking back at KnowThinkAct.com this holiday season as more medical needs are posted by our Partners in Kenya and Uganda.

Thanks for Giving,


International Volunteer Coordinator

I am, and always have been so thankful to Faith and Peter for making the choice to serve those in their communities, especially the choice to serve the children.  The statistics about orphans in Africa are so overwhelming that I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to truly absorb what was going on when I went to see Faith and Peter in action for the first time.  I thought I would leave full of despair.  But when I arrived in Uganda and Kenya and saw the absolute love and care provided to these children, I did not feel overwhelmed.  I felt hopeful and I felt thankful.

Personally, I could not even begin to the make the difference in these children’s lives like Faith and Peter have. And it is not just them, it is the house mothers at Home Again and it is the staff at Action Ministry.  Know Think Act has made a way for us to do what we are able, and for the staff and the community to do what they are able.  We can supply them with resources to meet the physical needs of these children and they can provide love, support, and care, which they are doing so well.  Together we are all giving these children a sense of family, of hope, and of possibility.

So this week, enjoy spending time with your families, reflecting on the many blessings that we have in our lives, and remember those around the world who do not have the same.  I want to invite you to look at the needs on KTA and however you are able, participate in making a child’s life better.  Click here to see how you can help. Thank you!

– Maggie