Africa + Health Care doesn’t conjure up the best images. Most of you probably think of malaria, AIDS, tiny babies with bloated bellies, open wounds, and flies everywhere. I admit that’s all I knew of Africa before getting involved with the continent myself. That’s why today, I am thankful for local leaders who care for their communities’ medical needs.

This year in Kaihura, Uganda, Bringing Hope to the Family has seen many urgent medical needs met through Know Think Act in record time. Children like Alozio and Adolf have received the urgent medical attention they need and are living better lives because of the ways you have partnered with us (be sure to check this great video update on Adolf’s story). Blessed Camp outside of Mombasa, Kenya has seen their ongoing needs for leprosy and jigger wound care met through 100% of donations on Know Think Act as well as on the ground through a nursing team that traveled through our International Volunteer Program. I am so thankful for the dearth of local leaders who work every day through Hope Again Medical Centre at Bringing Hope to the Family and Blessed Camp at Action Ministry to meet the medical needs of their neighbors. Even more so, I am grateful for the ways you join hands with our Partners in supporting both urgent medical needs and ongoing medical needs, on the ground and from your living room.

So you find yourself asking, “how can I give back to these leaders who are giving so much of their time and talents to serving the health care needs of their communities?” This Thanksgiving, there are two people in Uganda who have medical needs that have not yet been met on Know Think Act: a four-year old boy named Roger, who has open wounds on his face; and a 16-year old girl named Lucy, who has osteomylitis. If you can’t give today, then keep checking back at this holiday season as more medical needs are posted by our Partners in Kenya and Uganda.

Thanks for Giving,


International Volunteer Coordinator