Water is a basic human necessity. Can you imagine what life would be without water? In the Western world this is almost unheard of as the water system is always flowing, but the situation is different in most developing countries where entire communities survive almost without a trace of water, and what they seldom have access to is never fit for human consumption, not to mention that even our capital cities constantly run out of water, which can last for weeks.

One of our goals at Action Ministry is providing communities with access to clean water through the digging of wells. Two weeks ago we started the excavation of a shallow well at the Action Ministry Center – Blessed Camp. Water from this well will be used at the school, clinic and will greatly enhance our food production through irrigation, while the residents will greatly benefit as they will use it for all their domestic purposes.

At about 25 feet down we hope to reach the water surface. The excavation is no easy task as the land structure is all rock and will take a couple of weeks. Once we hit water, the water sample shall be taken for tests inorder to know its mineral contents, and we plan to have an overhead tank to supply the water to all sections.

We are so exited as we look forwad to reaching the water, and also very gratefull to Know Think Act for supporting this initiative!

– Peter

Founder & CEO of Action Ministry, Partner of Know Think Act