Christmas in Kaihura…what a wonderful time it was.  It was a time to remember just what our Savior Jesus did for us and it was a time to shower Christ’s love on the children at Home Again. This year was extra special for the kids as plenty of our friends from the US got in on the blessing of giving this year. Several previous volunteers went out of their way to make this Christmas memorable for the children.  And, each of you knowing who you are, please know that we and Bringing Hope are extremely grateful for you and your generosity.

The excitement at Home Again began with lunch.  Christmas meal is huge deal for the kids.  It includes lots of meat and sodas.  After the meal, as we were preparing for the games, the rains started coming down heavily.   Thankfully it didn’t last long and we were able to begin.

The activities included sack races, 3-legged races, ballon tosses, tug-of-war, musical chairs and limbo. The kids had a wonderful time.  This was our third Christmas in a row that we were in the village for.  It’s something we look forward to as well.  It is so much to see the kids having a wonderful time.

From all of us at Know Think Act, we hope you had a very merry Christmas. Thank y0u for being a part of ours, and be sure to check out the photos below!

I’ve heard a certain amusement park described as “The Happiest Place on Earth.” I would like to suggest that anyone who believes that happiness must involve mouse ears and an overdose of sugar needs to experience the joy that is found in simpler places.

I was excited to go Kenya and Uganda in September with Know Think Act and Red Earth Trading Co. It was a dream come true to finally travel to Africa.  While I was there, I experienced joy in the simplest, most authentic form.  Joy was everywhere.  It was demonstrated by smiles, waves, and gracious hospitality.

I loved playing with the children at Blessed Camp in Mombasa, Kenya and at Home Again in Kaihura, Uganda.  Their precious faces shone with bright smiles as they danced and played with one another.  Their enthusiasm grew as I joined in their fun. Uncontrolled laughter bubbled forth as I tickled them.  They shrieked with excitement as I picked them up and swung them above my head.  Their eyes glimmered as they hugged me and pulled me along by my hands.  I too could not remove the childlike smile from my face.

This is pure joy.  No toys, presents, or luxuries were necessary.  They were thrilled with the simplest gestures of love and friendship.  I think we can all learn a thing or two to learn from them. Will you join us in giving joy this Christmas? Each need listed here is a way for each of us to give joy in Uganda and Kenya!

Merry Christmas!

-Hannah, Exchange Tour

Every Christmas, we get excited about the spirit of the season. There is an anticipation in the air that this Christmas will be filled with meaning and significance. However, far too often we let the hustle and bustle of the season distract us from one of the main themes of Christmas:

Layered in giving gifts, throwing parties, and spending time with people we love is this desire for something more lasting than happiness. It’s in the hope that we are giving cheer and delight to those around us. We want to give something indelible and fulfilling, and this Christmas, we invite you to do that through Know Think Act.

The students at Hope Academy in Kaihura, Uganda are in need of a new playground. A safe space where they can play and take breaks from their studies and enjoy being kids. This Christmas, through our local Partner, Bringing Hope to the Family, we invite you to give the gift of joy to the more than 50 students at Hope Academy through this playground.

This year, join us in giving the gift of this playground to a community across the globe. Thank you for being a part of a special Christmas for the students at Hope Academy. Share this post, the video, and use the hashtag #GiveJoy on Twitter and Instagram or join us over at Facebook to participate in the conversation this Christmas.

This Christmas, give joy!

Over the last week a lot of effort has gone into getting Village Art Cafe ready for business. And, we are pleased to announce that the cafe held a “soft” opening today. Bringing Hope plans to hold the official grand opening in about a week. This will give them time to get everything in order. They did manage to have several sales today and word is getting around the village quickly!

We are excited to see this enterprise up and running and are looking forward to the grand opening.

Last week our new friends, Jason and Virginia, arrived here in Uganda.  They are the founder/operators of Facedown Records.  They have been supporting Bringing Hope to the Family for around 2 years now by donating to needs through Know Think Act. Having invested in this community for a while now, they decided to come over and see first hand the work that is being done.  We are excited to have them with us and for them to have the opportunity to work hand in hand with Bringing Hope.

On Tuesday Jason went with us to the village of Bwenzi to help hang mosquito nets in this community.  On this outreach we visited four homes and hung 18 nets.  We will be heading back out to hang more nets on Wednesday.