We have gotten to have a good month of volunteers here with us in Kaihura, Uganda. Last Friday we took our team on a trip to Queen Elizabeth National Park to go on a safari. The team had a great time taking in the sites and relaxing after their four-day conference.  After returning from the park and spending one more day in the village the team flew out Monday night and are now safely back in Mississippi.

Even with the team being gone work has not slowed down here.  Our friend Scott, who is here for the second year in a row (this time with his wife, Diana!), has been busy installing a ceiling in the vocational school building that is going to be the new home of Hope Academy.  Work is also underway on a new pit latrine on the school grounds. The next school term is scheduled to begin in February so work is furiously underway to get the building ready in time.

Also, Diana has begun a daily Bible study with the teenage girls at Home Again, as well as, baking lessons for the ladies at Village Art Cafe. We love the way our volunteers jump into helping and serving out of their strengths.