The last of our recent volunteer team, Scott and Diana, headed back to the US on Thursday. Before they left Scott and several of the older Home Again and Dorcas Vocational School boys successfully installed the ceiling at Hope Academy.  Thursday morning before we took them to the airport the translucent roofing panels were installed. It is amazing how much light it provided for the hallway!  The classrooms have skylights in the ceiling to provide extra light in the rooms.  Continuing on with the work, the guys are finishing up the last classroom today.

We have thoroughly enjoyed having Scott and Diana here with us.  Diana invested a lot of her time into the secondary-aged girls at Home Again while Scott had been further building the relationships he started last year with the guys at Home Again.  The construction projects were great for the young men to get involved in.  I love to see mentoring being accomplished through projects.  It helps to build confidence in these young men while teaching them a skill at the same time. It’s an awesome thing to see.

Also work continues on with the new latrines for the school, as well as the staff quarters next to the school.

We are in Jinja enjoying a little more time with Nana (Katie’s Mom) before she flies out on Monday.  We have thoroughly enjoyed having her here with us.  Our volunteers play a key role in not only helping needs being met, but also in encouraging the leadership and development of the staff and students they interact with. We are excited for a new volunteer team to come in a little more than a week!