The last day of the youth conference was amazing! Those in attendance were still very excited from receiving their Bibles the day before.  In the morning the team broke into groups as they had the morning before.  This time around the groups were more comfortable asking questions having previously been through one of these small groups sessions.

In the afternoon, Christian, one of our volunteers, spoke to the youth about consecrating their hearts to the Lord.  Each day of the conference had been building upon the previous days message.  The end culminating with the truth that God loves the youth of Kaihura and desires to have a relationship with them and use them to reach their community, but first they must deal with the sin in their lives.  The culture here, as in many places, has allowed so much immorality to go unquestioned that these actions have become “acceptable sins.” After a call for repentance many in attendance came for prayer and rededicated their lives to Christ.

Shortly after the session ended we took a large group to a nearby water source, and with the help of local pastors, we held a baptism.  Over twenty people came to be baptized.  One great story from the baptism is while we were still getting prepared to begin an older lady happen to be walking by.  When she noticed what was beginning she asked if she could be baptized as well.  She said she had always wanted to be baptized, but never had the opportunity.  So, she joined the group and was baptized along with the others.

This was a great conclusion to an amazing four days.  We thank God for the work he has begun in the youth of Kaihura and we look forward to seeing what will come from this.