The Youth Conference has been great, and we wanted to give you an update! After the first session, word got around town and today’s crowd started out much larger than the first session ended.  It’s certainly not about numbers, but we are happy to see people excited to learn from God’s word.  And, for those that just happened to be curious and stop in, we were glad they they were there as well.  God can use curiosity!

We started the day much like the first with music and skits. Several of the children from Home Again performed a song as well.

During the first session today our team talked about rejection and abandonment.  These are major issues that many people deal with all over the world and here in Uganda it is no exception.  With all of the challenges that come with growing up in a developing nation, many of the people here have feelings of rejection and abandonment.  Anna Grace shared her story and talked about how God has a plan for each of us.

Throughout this conference our team will be touching on several topics that are not usually talked about in local churches.  For example, sexual immorality is a major issue here and it often goes unmentioned, as people are scared to bring up the topic.  Our team is calling for the youth to follow God and live according to his word not according to what their society says is acceptable.

Check out the pictures and we will have one more update for you tomorrow!