Our medical team held their second mobile clinic in Kaihura today.  Being that Kaihura is on the main road makes it a central location for people to come to and for that reason Bringing Hope decided to hold outreaches there for 2 days.  Thursday and Friday we will be taking this show on the road and holding outreaches in different villages.

Yesterday our team was able to see 207 patients and today should be around the same. By 9 AM today there were already well over 100 people in line.  I think for many of the team members yesterday was an overwhelming experience.  These medical outreaches are a challenge to say the least.  Not only do they have 200+ people in line, but they are working with a bare bones setup and then on top of it all they are doing everything through translators.  It is a blessing to see this in action.  It is also wonderful to see several of the team members taking the time to pray with their patients after treating them.  The blending of both types of ministry is exactly as it should be.

Check back tomorrow for another update