While our last volunteer team was here we were introduced to a little girl named Juliet.  Juliet is a six year old girl who is in desperate need of help, because tragically, while she was still a baby, she fell and broke her back.  Her parents could not afford to take her to the doctor and her back healed improperly, leaving her deformed.  Due to the way her back has healed, she even struggles to take each breath.

Unfortunately, this family’s story does not end here. The mother died a few years ago and the father passed away last month.  The children have been taking care of themselves since their father’s death, with the oldest sibling being 23.  He has been doing his best to care for his brothers and sisters.  Last week we, along with some of Bringing Hope to the Family’s staff members, went to visit this family.  It was agreed that the three youngest siblings, which includes Juliet, will come live at Home Again.  This will allow Juliet to get the care she needs and will allow her two younger siblings to be looked after as well.  The older four siblings will remain at their home and Bringing Hope will assist them with their education needs while making sure they are provided for.

I will be taking Juliet to one of the major hospitals this coming week for x-rays and evaluation. The doctors will make a game plan from there.  More information on Juliet will be coming within the next fews days as her need appears to be quite urgent. We wanted to introduce Juliet to you and would love if you would join us in praying for her. Her needs will be posted soon, but until then, please join with us in lifting up Juliet and her family! Thank you.