After making the move into the Dorcas Vocational School building, school is back in session for Hope Academy!  The teachers and students are enjoying the new environment.  Even the student’s parents are thrilled with the new facility.  Several of the parents asked if Hope Academy would consider boarding students because they would love for their children to live in this environment (Bringing Hope, by the way, is not opening a boarding school).  We are really pumped to see the community excited about the primary school’s upgrade and to see these lovely faces learning and growing this semester!








As I am typing this I am listening to the steady hum of our new generator and it sounds beautiful.  Our electricity here in Uganda has been out for 4 weeks now and there is still no confirmation as to when that will be remedied.  Thankfully, we now have a generator that allows us to have the lights on at night, charge our computer and update our blog!

Since our last post I, along with a couple of Bringing Hope staff members, took Juliet (the little girl with the back issue) for testing in Kampala.  After an xray, a CT Scan and consulting a spine surgeon we have been told that Juliet’s back has been deformed due to her having tuberculosis, which she is now being treated for. Unfortunately the surgeon has informed us that surgery would be too risky.  After taking care of the TB issue her back should not get any worse, but that is all that can be done for her at this time.  However, we know that in addition, we can pray, for we have a great God that can do anything!

So far Juliet and her siblings are settling in nicely at Home Again and are having a wonderful time.  It is always a joyous thing to see children come from sad and dire circumstances and find their home at Home Again.

Below is a photo of Juliet and all of the other new members of Home Again over the last couple of months.