If you have been following Adolf’s story here on the blog, you know what an amazing journey he has been on to recover from the burns he suffered as an infant. For a quick refresher, read the previous posts and watch the news stories cover his arrival in the US, and then see the amazing story unfold below: Meet Adolf and Update on Adolf

And watch his process of recovery in this news feature.

On Friday morning Adolf and Eva returned from their 5 month stay in the US.  Adolf and Eva left for California just before last Thanksgiving. While there, Adolf underwent multiple leg operations and months of rehabilitation to restore his legs to proper working order.  They returned from the airport to much rejoicing and a celebration at Home Again. Looking back at this entire process I can’t help but be amazed at the love of God.  He masterfully connected one person to the next until this miracle came to pass. This story is a wonderful reminder to us all that God is completely concerned about each of us.  No matter where we are in life God sees us and desires his best for us.









I want to thank Bringing Hope to the Family, Children’s Burn Foundation, the Wagenseller’s and numerous others who played a role in making this happen. Thank you for participating in this miracle!