Today it’s time to highlight Kolby’s top 5 things about life in Uganda! I’ll turn it over to him to share his favorites…

My name is Kolby and I live in Africa in Uganda. I am eight years old and I’m in second grade.

1. I like living next to Home Again and having so many friends to play with.


2. I like to eat chapati and “rolex’s.” (fried eggs wrapped in chapati)

Chapati & Rolexs

3. I like to play Quiso Bando (hide and seek), Kabale (tag) and Kakale (no clue) with the kids from Home Again.


4. I like to hang mosquito nets in the villages. (From Chris – On a personal note I love to see how much Kolby enjoys helping people. He understands that hanging nets for people is keeping them safe and sharing God’s love. And it makes me so proud.)

mosquito nets

5. I like being able to find things that I can’t find in America.

Things you can't find in US

And there you have it.  Kolby’s fave 5.  Check back soon for a glimpse into the mind of Logan.  Prepare yourself!