As we prepare to transition from our time in Uganda and move to Kenya to partner with Action Ministry, we have started thinking back about all that we love and have experienced here. This week we are going to share our 5 favorite things about life in Kaihura. Each day this week, our family will share our top 5 highlights, that are not in any particular order.

1. I love the fact that our life here requires 4 Wheel Drive.  We often find ourselves in some precarious situations and kicking it into 4 low is our only option.


2. I love having the hills and Rwenzori Mountains as a back drop.  It is absolutely beautiful.


3. I love visiting families in villages, spending time with them and assisting them with mosquito nets.


4. I love jumping in a muddy hole with strangers to provide their communities with clean water.  Digging a well is messy, fun and life changing.


5. I love, and will always look back on with fond memories, visiting Olive’s and enjoying an ice cold Mountain Dew.