On Tuesday I went out to visit Bringing Hope to the Family’s new milking cow project. This project has been in the works for a while now and it was great to see it first hand. Bringing Hope had been wanting to find a cost effective way to provide milk for the children at Home Again. They have had a few cows in the past, but this is their first actual cow project.  Bringing Hope was able to purchase a large piece of land that they could designate for the cows and they also purchased 2 large milking cows. Both cows were pregnant prior to being purchased and one delivered last week.

The goal for this project is to have enough milk for the children in the mornings and sell the milk they receive in the evenings, which will cover the costs of this project.  Healthy bones and healthy smiles are on the way at Home Again!

both cows new calf

Friday was a great day!  It was one of those days when you say to yourself, “it is all worth it!”  All the hard work and sweat, all the planning and meetings, all of it was worth it.

Village Art held a small ceremony for the class of girls who are just finishing their hair dressing course at the Village Art Hair Dressing School.  Today these girls received their certificates of completion and also words of spiritual and practical wisdom from a few staff members of Bringing Hope to the Family. Also we were blessed when the girls spoke about how the opportunity of attending the school has changed their lives and that now they feel like they have a chance at life. We could really sense the love that these girls received from being here by the love that they gave back to Bringing Hope.

I am so excited to have been apart of the whole Village Art project! Thank you to everyone who has given and volunteered to make this project a reality. Not only are lives being changed, but Village Art is also helping to support Bringing Hope by covering some of their administration costs.

This is, of course, just one example of all the wonderful things that take place around here.  Bringing Hope to the Family truly wants to change Uganda.  They want to raise a generation that stands for Christ, a generation who are living healthy sustaining lives, not lives of disease and poverty. And, they are doing that one child at a time, one class at a time, one life at a time.

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It has been a fun, very busy several weeks for the US based Know Think Act team! We have had the awesome privilege of hosting Peter Ochiel of Action Ministry as he was our featured speaker at the This Is Love Banquet. Peter flew back to Kenya on Wednesday, and we wanted to share some of his adventures and a summary of his trip. So without further ado, here is a photo tour of Peter’s trip!

It started by getting put to work immediately upon landing, helping us build out the displays for the This Is Love Banquet. Peter was a champion and a tremendous help as we all got  the space ready for the event.






The hard work was amazing and the banquet was a great evening of learning more about Peter and his team’s work in Blessed Camp, Kenya. We were able to raise a lot of money for the feeding program for their community! If you’d like to give to that need, you have that opportunity here.




Two days following the banquet Peter got to fly to Indianapolis, IN to spend time with some of his friends at a church up there. They had a great visit and we are so glad that Peter could spend time with that church community who supports Action Ministry.

2013-05-04 15.38.32

2013-05-04 15.37.24

2013-05-05 11.32.59

Peter then got to spend some time just enjoying the Music City and being in the Know Think Act office, working on projects and collaborating with the team.

photo (3)

Peter then drove down to the Gulf Coast with Travis Gravette, to visit some churches and share more about the work that is happening at Blessed Camp, along with what the Sassers will be participating in when the join Peter in Kenya. Travis made sure that Peter got the full southern experience, even letting him participate in a Civll War reenactment.



As soon as Peter and Travis returned from the Gulf, we got to work on the Launch Party for the new KnowThinkAct.com! But first, we got to take Peter on a tour of the Tennessee Titans stadium, even taking him into the locker room. Peter loved learning more about American football and the “civility” of football fans vs soccer fans.

photo (1)


The night ended with the Launch Party and Peter got to again share about the tremendous work he and his team are doing, as well as just celebrate the new website! It gave him a chance to cut loose with the team and celebrate with friends.

photo (2)



We love when Peter visits us here in the United States and had a great time with him, but we also know he was excited to return home to Mombasa, Kenya and see his wife as they get ready to welcome their second baby boy in the world. Safe travels Peter, and we look forward to being with you again soon!



One of the most dynamic programs that Know Think Act has had the pleasure of coming alongside is that of Village Art. Village Art was created to be a sustainability program for Brining Hope to the Family in Kaihura, Uganda. Village Art consists of a tailoring school, salon (hair dressing, mani-pedis, etc), catering, bridal boutique, and a brand new cafe where you can get a pastry and some delicious coffee.


The program has grown over the years, and in particular the bridal boutique has always stood out. Many rural Ugandans do not have the opportunity to get married, whether it be because of money, life circumstances, or other events that make them think that they aren’t able to have a wedding ceremony. Village Art wanted to address this, and has opened the first-of-its-kind bridal boutique in rural Uganda, which allows women to come and rent a wedding dress (instead of having the weight of purchasing it), along with the necessary accessories!

photo 3

Recently, a woman named Leslie teamed up with the I do… I do Bridal Boutique of Morristown, NJ and together they donated 56 dresses to be hand-delivered by an upcoming volunteer team! 56 different dresses that were donated with such love by women, for women! I do… I do… were able to donate 30 dresses and the other 26 were able to be purchased thanks to the generous financial donation made by Robert & Beatrice Webster. These dresses are such an amazing blessing to the community and to Village Art and to the women who will now have the opportunity to wear them.


photo 1


photo 2

Thank you so much to everyone who has donated to make the Village Art program not only a reality, but a destination location for many of the surrounding villagers, and thank you to the women who have selflessly donated their dresses for the women of Kaihura and beyond. The wedding bells are already starting to chime…

Transportation is the name of the game around Home Again.  With all of the kids on holiday from school, scooters, skateboards, and bikes are keeping the children quite entertained.  It’s great to see the kids having toys to play with and having a great time.