Friday was a great day!  It was one of those days when you say to yourself, “it is all worth it!”  All the hard work and sweat, all the planning and meetings, all of it was worth it.

Village Art held a small ceremony for the class of girls who are just finishing their hair dressing course at the Village Art Hair Dressing School.  Today these girls received their certificates of completion and also words of spiritual and practical wisdom from a few staff members of Bringing Hope to the Family. Also we were blessed when the girls spoke about how the opportunity of attending the school has changed their lives and that now they feel like they have a chance at life. We could really sense the love that these girls received from being here by the love that they gave back to Bringing Hope.

I am so excited to have been apart of the whole Village Art project! Thank you to everyone who has given and volunteered to make this project a reality. Not only are lives being changed, but Village Art is also helping to support Bringing Hope by covering some of their administration costs.

This is, of course, just one example of all the wonderful things that take place around here.  Bringing Hope to the Family truly wants to change Uganda.  They want to raise a generation that stands for Christ, a generation who are living healthy sustaining lives, not lives of disease and poverty. And, they are doing that one child at a time, one class at a time, one life at a time.

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