One of the most dynamic programs that Know Think Act has had the pleasure of coming alongside is that of Village Art. Village Art was created to be a sustainability program for Brining Hope to the Family in Kaihura, Uganda. Village Art consists of a tailoring school, salon (hair dressing, mani-pedis, etc), catering, bridal boutique, and a brand new cafe where you can get a pastry and some delicious coffee.


The program has grown over the years, and in particular the bridal boutique has always stood out. Many rural Ugandans do not have the opportunity to get married, whether it be because of money, life circumstances, or other events that make them think that they aren’t able to have a wedding ceremony. Village Art wanted to address this, and has opened the first-of-its-kind bridal boutique in rural Uganda, which allows women to come and rent a wedding dress (instead of having the weight of purchasing it), along with the necessary accessories!

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Recently, a woman named Leslie teamed up with the I do… I do Bridal Boutique of Morristown, NJ and together they donated 56 dresses to be hand-delivered by an upcoming volunteer team! 56 different dresses that were donated with such love by women, for women! I do… I do… were able to donate 30 dresses and the other 26 were able to be purchased thanks to the generous financial donation made by Robert & Beatrice Webster. These dresses are such an amazing blessing to the community and to Village Art and to the women who will now have the opportunity to wear them.


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Thank you so much to everyone who has donated to make the Village Art program not only a reality, but a destination location for many of the surrounding villagers, and thank you to the women who have selflessly donated their dresses for the women of Kaihura and beyond. The wedding bells are already starting to chime…