Saturday we spent the day working at Village Art. In addition to working in the cafe and doing some landscaping and painting, the team here from LA also did a complete overhaul of the Village Art Bridal Salon. They brought over 30 new wedding and bridesmaid dresses and remade the whole salon! This little girl waundered into the bridal salon while we were working and I snapped some photos of her with Alexa.


Nice bathrooms are a serious business here in Uganda. When most of the restroom options are a hole in the ground, having a nice bathroom will distinguish any business. Bringing Hope is working hard to make the Village Art bathrooms a place to be proud of and that will distinguish their service to guests.


Chameleons are an everyday sight in Kaihura. You can find them on plants, fences, or being shown off by a child from Home Again. This particular chameleon was particularly large, so I obviously (at the urging of Katie Sasser) decided to get a picture with him on my face!


The team here from LA spent a few days at the Kyaninga Lodge. The Sassers and I met them for dinner one night and I was amazed by the beautiful view from the lodge. Kyaninga is situated on the caldera of an old volcano. The lake in the photo was formed from the crater that formed when the volcano erupted, and the ash cone you see is also a result of the volcanic activity in the area.


I am really going to miss this family when they leave Uganda next week. When I came to Kaihura I didn’t know anyone, and they have done such an amazing job making me feel welcome. It is so awesome to see how they have poured into this community and how they let God live through their lives. We are all so thankful for the Sasser family and their dedication to loving the people of Kaihura well.


Hope you have a great Friday and you have enjoyed our favorite photos from the week. Keep up with all our Photo Friday posts here.