Welcome to Photo Friday, where I highlight some of my favorite photos from the week!


The children at Home Again are constantly wearing the oddest outfits. I think this guy’s attire might be my favorite, I have seen this Luigi halloween costume worn several times, and it never ceases to make me smile.


Happy Couple

Last weekend I attended my first Ugandan wedding. Kenneth, who works in the admin department of BHTF, and the beautiful Beatrice were married last Saturday at the church in Kaihura. The wedding was quite the event, and it felt like half of Kaihura was packed into the church to wish Beatrice and Kenneth well as they started their new life together.


Christening the Mortuary

BHTF recently moved the Hope Again Medical Clinic into brand new facilities. The new clinic building is not only larger, but it also features indoor toilets and showers, an incinerator, and a mortuary. The construction on the new mortuary is almost completed, so Katie and Alexa decided to test it out.


Adios Sassers

The Sasser family said goodbye to Kaihura this week.
The Sassers will eventually move to Kenya to work with Action Ministries in Mombassa. Chris, Katie, Kolby, and Logan have been such a blessing to get to know. I am so excited to see where their next adventure takes them.


Hope you had a great week and a fun weekend ahead. Keep up with all our Photo Friday posts here.