Village Art is a very unique feature to Kaihura and Bringing Hope to the Family. Village Art was created to help generate a stream of income for the organization. Right now, Village Art consists of a café, a hair and nail salon and school, a bridal salon, and a craft workshop and store.

There has been a lot of work going on at Village Art in June! The bridal salon got a complete facelift with lots of new gowns and some interior design updates. The whole front of the Village Art complex is being re-landscaped, as is the back courtyard and the bathrooms. I walked down to Village Art today to take some pictures of the changes in progress as it continues to grow.

Wedding Dresses

Lots of new bridal dresses for the salon!

Inside the Bridal Salon

The bridal salon got some wall art to spruce up the place.

Cafe Menu

A brand new chalkboard menu for the Village Art Cafe.


These tables will be great places for Village Art customers to sit and relax.


Lots of landscaping going on out front to make a nice place for people to sit and enjoy their coffee’s from the cafe.


Newly painted bathroom doors, and brand new fence to make the Village Art bathrooms look fantastic!


These sinks may not look like much, but before they were installed, the cafe had to use a water faucet outside in the courtyard for their baking.

Can’t wait to share with the rest of the work!