Bringing Hope to the Family puts a big emphasis on education; education can make such a difference in a life. Education often means the difference between making a life for yourself and living in extreme poverty. One of the ways Bringing Hope to the Family brings education to their community is with New Hope Vocational School.

New Hope was started as a trade school to help young people who weren’t able to attend, or didn’t do well in formal school. New Hope offers courses for tailoring, hairdressing, and agricultural skills. Once a student has completed a two-year program in one of these areas of study, they can go on to get a job or start their own business.


Currently all of the students studying agriculture are located on Kyongera Farm, a farm about a 15-minute ride outside of Kaihura, and the rest of the vocational school is located in Kaihura. One of Bringing Hope’s goals is to move all of the vocational school out to Kyongera Farm so that all of its student can learn some agricultural skills as well. We are currently, with the help of a team from Duke University, constructing new classrooms to help accommodate all of the new people and classes that will soon be moving out to Kyongera Farm. Today I took a boda out to the construction site to check the new building; I was so excited to see how the walls are beginning to take shape, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for this building and for New Hope Vocational School.