It’s Friday, which means it’s another opportunity to check out our favorite photos from the last week from in and around Kaihura, Uganda.


We came across this repurposed bathtub while visiting a potential well site. Can you guess what it is used for? This tub is being used as a watering trough for cattle!


Prossy is BHTTF’s unofficial photographer, and is really developing a great eye! It’s awesome to see how much she enjoys taking pictures, and here she is taking a photo of the bathtub above.


Can you spot the man in the tree picking guavas for us at Kyongera Farm?


The Sasser’s old house got some new residents this week! All of the babies from Home Again moved in Wednesday. This is a much-needed shift, giving both the older children and the babies more room to spread out.


This photo was taken while riding on the back of a boda (motorcycle taxi). First of all, you should be impressed with my mad photography skills (Ha!), but also with Peter Ajuna’s driving skills, I’m sure my moving around trying to take pictures didn’t make navigating those bumpy roads any easier.

Have a favorite photo this week? Anything you would like to see on our Photo Friday series? Let us know in the comments!