This past Tuesday at Faith’s house was very busy because it was Bringing Hope to the Family’s mid-year planning and review meeting. Two people from each department gathered to see what has been accomplished and make plans for the future. Each department of BHTTF was represented around the big dining table where our volunteer teams usually eat. There are eight departments at BHTTF: Home Again Children’s Home, Hope Academy Primary School, Hope Again Medical Center, New Hope Vocational Institute, the Agriculture Department, the Child Welfare Department, Village Art, and the Administration Department, so having everyone there made for a very crowded table.


Meetings in Uganda are never short; and this department review meeting was no exception, it lasted all day, 8 to 5. While very tiring, I left very excited about the rest of 2013 at BHTF!

One of the most exciting things that came as a result of this meeting was a mentorship program by the staff for the older children living at Home Again. Where the staff of BHTF will commit to be responsible for mentoring, helping, and supporting two or three of the older children living at Home Again. It was so refreshing to see the staff at the meeting propose and get excited about this program, I am looking forward to seeing how both the staff and children benefit from this.


It was also exciting to see the plans being made for New Hope Vocational Institute as they prepare to move the whole program out to Kyongera Farm. Currently only the boys enrolled at New Hope are living at Kyongera Farm (which is about a 10 or 15 minute drive north of Kaihura) being trained in agriculture, but soon the girls will be moved out to the farm so they can also learn the basics of agriculture as well.

It was great to see the staff so passionate about the work they are doing, and how they advocate for their children, or students, or patients, and programs.


What does this meeting have to do with KTA? One of the main focuses of this meeting was to make departments more sustainable, in their operations and in the needs that are posted on KTA. KTA is committed to helping support all of our partner ministries, but we also strive to promote self-sustainability and meeting needs that will keep giving. For instance, building wells through KTA in partnership with BHTTF, is a need that is met once on Know Think Act but will continue to impact communities in Uganda for years to come. Similarly, giving to support someone going to school may be a one-time gift for you, but education is something that can drastically change the life of an individual as well as the lives of that person’s family. So know that when you are giving, even though a need may seem small, the team in Kenya and Uganda has strategically planned for it and believes it will make an impact in their community.


Thank you for your partnership with Know Think Act. We are excited to continue to develop leadership skills and strategic planning with our Partners so that we can come along side them as they work hard to bring their communities out of extreme poverty.