We believe that education changes everything. When a child has the chance to stay in school and learn, it effects every aspect of their life, from increasing their chances of going on to secondary school and university, to learning life skills and a trade, education’s value cannot be measured. Both of our Partners – Faith of Bringing Hope to the Family in Uganda and Peter of Action Ministry in Kenya attribute their ability and success in their work in their community to their opportunity to pursue their education, thanks to the people who invested in them.


For the next month here at Know Think Act, we are going to be giving you the opportunity to invest in students. Listed on the site are all the students who are supported through Bringing Hope to the Family, and who are in need of a scholarship so they can stay in school.

Each student has a story, and each student has a chance to break the cycle of extreme poverty through getting an education. Some of these students are in secondary school and some are pursuing their advanced degree in university. We believe in the power of scholarships, of giving deserving students a chance to learn. By giving to a student, you will be participating in the life of that student, and at the end of the school year you will receive update on their progress, what they have been learning and a note from the student.


Education is a real need, and you have the chance to change a student’s life through helping provide – in part or in whole – a scholarship. Join us in changing the future for these students. Click here to meet the students and to help us provide scholarships. It’s more than a scholarship, it’s hope, and it’s a future. Join with us today!