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If you follow Know Think Act on Instagram, you have seen Abia before and know a little bit about her story, but I wanted to share with you her whole story, so you can get an inside look at one of the ways Bringing Hope to the Family (BHTF) and Faith Kunihira are impacting the lives of the people around them.

I arrived in Uganda and in Kaihura in early June. Abia Kyarisima, age 10, and her sister arrived at Faith’s home around the same time. The local police had found them wandering along the road and decided to bring them to BHTF. They had grown up in a polygamist home with an extremely abusive father, who eventually kicked them out of their home, and gave them a rope to kill themselves with.

For a few days both girls were understandably very quiet, reserved, and skittish. They moved in at Home Again, and the longer they lived there, the more I would see them smile and begin to interact with the other children around them, as well as the house parents.

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Abia had never attended school before she arrived at BHTF, but she has started at Hope Academy in the nursery class and she and her sister are both getting a good education. More importantly, they are living in a stable, loving home.

Whenever I see Abia around Home Again or at Hope Academy, she always gives me the sweetest smile and a wave, I love being able to see the tangible transformation of Abia, and knowing that from now on she will have a loving home, and people in her life who care for her.


We can’t wait to see how Abia continues to flourish and grow into the young woman she is becoming.

– Kate