Welcome to the latest edition of Photo Friday, where we share some of our favorite photos from the week in Uganda!

The road to Hope Academy is apparently also heavily used by cows. One portion is so littered with cow patties stepping on one is almost unavoidable. Just one of the many quirks of living in Uganda :)

While walking up to Hope Academy can get messy, I love it when I get to visit the kids.
They are always so happy, and ridiculously cute!

White ant season, or termite season, is in full swing here in Kaihura, which means you see swarms of these insects around lights, and you can also find the ground littered with their wings where ever you walk. White ants(termites) are often considered a delicacy, and can be eaten fried or in a stew. To gather enough to eat you dig a hole outside of one of their mounds so they fall in when they exit their home, then you can simply scoop them out of the hole and enjoy!

The rainy season has officially began as well. Which means it rains almost every afternoon, this shift of weather has caused most people here to pull out their cold weather clothes. Faith’s son Josiah has a surprisingly large sweater collection.

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