Welcome to Photo Friday, where we share some of our favorite photos from this week in Uganda! To see each volume of Photo Friday, including this one, click here! There is a team of nurses here from UCLA so it has been busy around BHTF. Here are a few of my favorite photos from their last three days here.

This little guy had to get a blood test done. Poor little guy, didn’t understand and cried so much

While we were showing the team around BHTF this little guy wanted to help Amanda as she was taking pictures at Home Again.

In addition to going on medical outreaches, the team also brought lots of shoes to give to the children at Home Again! The great thing about this is that this team brought lots of shoes to fit the older boys, usually there is nothing big enough for them. It was so great to see all of the older boys so excited about getting new shoes.

I snapped this shot of the medical team walking up the hill to the outreach in Butiiti.

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