We’ve mentioned and talked about Prossy a lot in our blog, and I thought it was time I officially introduced you to Prossy!

Prossy is the administrator for Bringing Hope to the Family (BHTF) and she also helps out with some of the Know Think Act work and administration. Prossy started working for BHTF after she graduated from university, about a year and a half ago. She met Faith when Faith was living in Jinja and taught Prossy’s Sunday school class. Once Prossy graduated, she came to work with Faith at BHTF. Prossy is just a genuinely awesome person to be around, and she helped me with the ins-and-outs of living in Uganda when I first moved here.  She is a super hard worker, and has a very kind spirit. What impresses me the most about Prossy is her desire to serve God and help those around her.

Prossy once old me that she was breaking away from her family’s legacy; she is the first one in her family to go and complete college, but what she is even more proud of is being the first one of any of her family to legally marry their spouse. Co-habitation is a common thing in Uganda, but Prossy wants to do the right thing and is getting married to her fiancé Julius on December 14th! Prossy is one example of the many people who are working hard around the world serving people well and making an impact in their community. We are proud and honored to have Prossy on our team!