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Leprosy is a very serious ailment that greatly effects the people and community of Blessed Camp. Blessed Camp is an area outside of the city where the Kenyan government told the lepers they had to live. Our Partner, Action Ministry, moved into the community and changed the name to Blessed Camp and began to work so that these people would no longer be a forgotten people but a community that had value and worth.

Leprosy works on your extremities and works it’s way up through your body, so usually the greatest area effected is the hands and feet of the people. Because of that, special orthopedic shoes are required, and unfortunately, can be extremely expensive. Through KnowThinkAct.com, we were able to provide special shoes and crutches so that the people would no longer have to crawl, or sit in one place with their feet in the dirt. The special shoes donation was wired in December 2012, and the Orthopedic specialists came to Blessed Camp in January 2013.

Due to the elections that followed in February (and spilled over into March), many business people were not sure of the outcome and lots of suppliers never brought in goods. Lots of shops also closed due to post election violence, and as a result, the specialists could not find the special leather and other materials for making the shoes. The option of importing from neighboring countries was too expensive, and we were already working with the only organization making the special shoes (for disabled persons) in the entire Coast Province of Kenya.

We are so glad that after the long wait,the special shoes and walking appliances were finally supplied  Wednesday. This is more than shoes, this is a tremendous improvement on the quality of life for these people. It’s more than shoes, it’s mobility. It’s respect. It’s a fresh start on equal footing. Thank you for giving through Know Think Act and be sure to see what other needs we can help meet.

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