Bunch of weirdos

This past week while on our trip to North Carolina we were able to reconnect with AJ and Ana Overton.  We hadn’t seen them since they left Uganda in 2010.  For those that might not be up to speed on the Overtons, AJ and Ana lived in Kaihura and worked with Bringing Hope to the Family during our first two years there.  We had quickly become great friends and spent a lot of time together.  It was such a blessing for us to have fellow Muzungu’s (foreigners) to relate to and to share our experiences with while we were adjusting to life in Uganda.  Thus, this was a great week being able to catch up with them and play a few games (we played a lot of board games while in Uganda). This week we are just taking time to reflect and give thanks for the people around us who are a part of our journey. We wouldn’t be able to make it without the amazing community supporting us constantly. Thank you!Settlers of Catan!

until next time