Prossy's Wedding Festivities - 1

Know Think Act’s very own Prossy got married this past Saturday and it was quite the Bringing Hope the Family event. In Uganda weddings are very community oriented, so the whole wedding was planned for the most part by the community, which meant there were weekly wedding planning meetings where we all discussed food, music, and decorations. All of these meetings culminated last Saturday when everything came together for Prossy and Julius’ wedding!  The wedding ceremony was in Rutooro, so everything had to be translated for the few non-Ugandans. It was an amazing day spent dancing, and eating, and celebrating Prossy and Julius. I would love to share some photos with you from the wedding weekend.

Prossy's Wedding Festivities

The beautiful bride!

Prossy's Wedding Festivities - 2

In Ugandan weddings there is no kiss when you get announced “man and
wife”, instead they hug.

Prossy's Wedding Festivities - 3

Finally married!

Prossy's Wedding Festivities - 5

I was so happy to be a bridesmaid in the wedding! Here I am with the other maids striking one of what will be many amazing photo poses.

We are so excited for our friend and wish her and Julius a lifetime of joy in their marriage! Congrats!