It’s time for this week’s installment of Photo Friday.  We hope you enjoy!

This week Travis (the founder of KTA) has been visiting Kaihura with a few friends. It has been a great week of visiting the many different projects of BHTF. One day we went out to the site of a new well (more on that later) and stopped by these giant rocks on the way home. These rocks are the site for religious pilgrimages throughout the year, however on the day we went there weren’t many people there so we were free to explore.

photo (2)

We visited the site of a new well that BHTF is building through funding from KTA.  It was great to see the community come together to dig their new well.  Stephen also wanted to get in on the well digging action so he jumped in to help.  With this new well around 120 people will have access to clean water.


A lot of “downtime” was spent at Home Again this week. It is always fun to visit the kids there and play and interact with them. Here Angie is with baby Katie, just hanging out.

photo (1)


After Stephen was finished with secondary school (high school equivalent), he was unable to go to college due to his family’s lack of resources.  Because of this, he was only able to work low paying jobs and had little hope of improving his circumstances.

However, this year Stephen was finally able to attend university because of his sponsorship through Bringing Hope to the Family and Know Think Act.  I have never seen Stephen more excited than when he found out he could go back to school!  He is so happy that he is now able to continue his education, get a degree, and have open doorways to better jobs.

When I was in school, education was something that I often took for granted.  It was something that was expected, the norm.  However, in Uganda and Kenya education is not always an option.  Finances are often what stand in the way of children getting an education.  When parents are struggling to feed their family, education can get pushed to the side.


That is why Bringing Hope to the Family and Action Ministry believe in the value of education and its power to change lives.  For a child in Uganda or Kenya, getting an education can mean breaking the cycle of poverty, and beginning a new, better life for themselves and their family.

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Know Think Act would like to thank everyone who has given to an educational need in Uganda or Kenya.  Thank you for investing in our students and helping to make education a reality for them. Weather you realize it or not, you have helped change someone’s future!



This past August we started our 2014 education campaign on in order to help our partners assist students within their communities. Many children in Uganda, as well as Kenya, miss out on the opportunity to receive an education simply due to a lack of funds. Our current education campaign will be closing on January 31st. If you have not had the chance to invest in a child’s future though education and still desire to, please click here to see the list of students who are still in need of assistance.

We would like to take a moment and share what we have been able to accomplish together for the 2014 school year.  Thanks to our many wonderful allies we have been able to provide nearly 50 secondary students, along with 13 university students, the opportunity to earn an education and a chance to better their futures. Together, we are also raising the necessary funds to help Hope Academy provide quality education to over  50  primary students!

We want to thank everyone who has participated in this campaign. We also want to reiterate that it’s not too late to get involved if you haven’t already. Together, we are changing lives through education!


photo (1)

Sarah and her friends at Hope Academy pose for a photo during recess

photo (4)

Children at Hope Academy getting ready to head back to class

photo (5)

Secondary students trying not to stare at the camera while in class

photo (6)

Teddy, Sam, and Victor pose for a photo at Hope Academy


Happy Friday! I hope everyone has had a wonderful week. I would like to share some of my favorite photos from this past week.


This week Jason, Virginia, and I were able to visit Joyce, who used to live at Home Again. She was so happy to see us, and it was great to be able to see her home and meet her extended family. They served us a delicious meal, and it was just nice to be able to sit and talk with Joyce. Here is a photo of Jason, Virginia, Joyce (in the back middle), and her family, I love how Jason looks so much taller than the house here.


New well! I was just recently able to visit the newest well constructed by BHTF in the community of Ruhoko. I visited this community when they only had a small pool (fed by a spring) as their water source, on the day I first visited we found a dead frog floating on top of the pool. I was able to visit during the construction of the well and was so happy on Monday when I saw the finished product! This well will serve the entire community, help reduce the amount of waterborne diseases and greatly increase sanitation for the community of Ruhoko.


Josiah is turning into quite the tech savvy baby. He has always been mildly mesmerized by computers, but recently every time he finds an unattended laptop he will hoist it onto his lap, and “type” for as long as you let him.

Thanks for stopping by, hope you all have a great weekend!



Hope Academy Primary School was created to bring quality education to the children in Kaihura, especially for the children who live at Home Again. When Hope Academy was founded they began by only just teaching the lower level primary classes, and every year a new class is added, as the students get older.

The new school year in Uganda starts in February and this year, Hope Academy is getting ready to add the last primary level class, primary seven! We are so happy for Hope Academy, and excited for the students who are entering P7, as they get ready to finish their last year of primary school!

With the addition of a new class, Hope Academy has outgrown their old school building, so construction for new classrooms began last week. We are so happy that Hope Academy is growing and adding classes, and we are excited to see what God has in store for Hope Academy!