Happy Friday! I hope everyone has had a wonderful week. I would like to share some of my favorite photos from this past week.


This week Jason, Virginia, and I were able to visit Joyce, who used to live at Home Again. She was so happy to see us, and it was great to be able to see her home and meet her extended family. They served us a delicious meal, and it was just nice to be able to sit and talk with Joyce. Here is a photo of Jason, Virginia, Joyce (in the back middle), and her family, I love how Jason looks so much taller than the house here.


New well! I was just recently able to visit the newest well constructed by BHTF in the community of Ruhoko. I visited this community when they only had a small pool (fed by a spring) as their water source, on the day I first visited we found a dead frog floating on top of the pool. I was able to visit during the construction of the well and was so happy on Monday when I saw the finished product! This well will serve the entire community, help reduce the amount of waterborne diseases and greatly increase sanitation for the community of Ruhoko.


Josiah is turning into quite the tech savvy baby. He has always been mildly mesmerized by computers, but recently every time he finds an unattended laptop he will hoist it onto his lap, and “type” for as long as you let him.

Thanks for stopping by, hope you all have a great weekend!