It’s time for this week’s installment of Photo Friday.  We hope you enjoy!

This week Travis (the founder of KTA) has been visiting Kaihura with a few friends. It has been a great week of visiting the many different projects of BHTF. One day we went out to the site of a new well (more on that later) and stopped by these giant rocks on the way home. These rocks are the site for religious pilgrimages throughout the year, however on the day we went there weren’t many people there so we were free to explore.

photo (2)

We visited the site of a new well that BHTF is building through funding from KTA.  It was great to see the community come together to dig their new well.  Stephen also wanted to get in on the well digging action so he jumped in to help.  With this new well around 120 people will have access to clean water.


A lot of “downtime” was spent at Home Again this week. It is always fun to visit the kids there and play and interact with them. Here Angie is with baby Katie, just hanging out.

photo (1)