After Stephen was finished with secondary school (high school equivalent), he was unable to go to college due to his family’s lack of resources.  Because of this, he was only able to work low paying jobs and had little hope of improving his circumstances.

However, this year Stephen was finally able to attend university because of his sponsorship through Bringing Hope to the Family and Know Think Act.  I have never seen Stephen more excited than when he found out he could go back to school!  He is so happy that he is now able to continue his education, get a degree, and have open doorways to better jobs.

When I was in school, education was something that I often took for granted.  It was something that was expected, the norm.  However, in Uganda and Kenya education is not always an option.  Finances are often what stand in the way of children getting an education.  When parents are struggling to feed their family, education can get pushed to the side.


That is why Bringing Hope to the Family and Action Ministry believe in the value of education and its power to change lives.  For a child in Uganda or Kenya, getting an education can mean breaking the cycle of poverty, and beginning a new, better life for themselves and their family.

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Know Think Act would like to thank everyone who has given to an educational need in Uganda or Kenya.  Thank you for investing in our students and helping to make education a reality for them. Weather you realize it or not, you have helped change someone’s future!