Last week a few Action Ministry staff members went to visit a lady to find out why her son had not been attending school recently. While at the house they discovered that another one of her sons had been sick for over a month.  The staff members quickly changed gears and focused their attention on the sick child.  They arranged for transport and took him to the nearby government hospital.  Once there they discovered that this child, named Hamisi, who is 7 years old, is HIV positive and in very bad condition. It would appear that he was not being regularly given his ARV‘s and his body was trying to fight off some sort of infection.  The doctors were able to rule out TB and put him on several rounds of treatment as they monitored him.

As Action Ministry continues to be a beacon of light within the Blessed Camp and the surrounding community medical emergencies will continue to arise.  We are trying to raise $1000 to equip Action Ministry with an emergency medical fund which will help them cover these medical expenses as they come up.  Often times the amount of money which can be the difference between life and death is only a couple of hundred dollars.  This medical fund will be a great help to Action Ministry as they serve this community.

If you are interested in helping supply Action Ministry with an emergency medical fund please click here.


This is Hamisi when staff members found him at his home.