IMG_0800Today I would like to introduce you to Sam! Sam is five years old an lives at Home Again. If Sam were an animal he would most definitely be a monkey, he is always climbing on everything at Home Again, most especially people. Sam will jump on your back, and always answer “I’m fine, thanks” when you ask him how he is is his squeaky little voice. Sam is also HIV positive.

To me Sam is a perfect example of what Bringing Hope to the Family is and why they do what they do. Bringing Hope was began to help give hope and a new life to the HIV positive people living in and around Kaihura. Soon after Faith founded Bringing Hope she began Home Again to give a home to the children in the community who didn’t have one, at the beginning most of theses children were from families affected by HIV/AIDS. A few years later Hope Again Medical Clinic was started to treat the children living at Home Again who were HIV positive, as well as those in Kaihura who were also HIV positive.

Today Bringing Hope has grown much more than Faith Kunihira ever would have imagined, Home Again is home to around 90 children, both HIV positive and negative, and Hope Again Medical Center is able to treat any number of ailments.

When I think of Sam though, I am reminded of why Bringing Hope began, and how it continues to reach out to those who feel they have no hope, slowly empowering and changing the community around them.