Today, I want to update you all on three individuals I have recently wrote about. A couple of weeks back I wrote about two ladies that were in urgent need of help. The first lady, Rose, had a leg injury and we took her to the hospital for x-rays. It turns out that she has broken her hip. The ball in her hip is completely separated from her femur. Action Clinic’s lab technician is in talks with a German doctor who is working in this area to see if he would be able to operate on Rose.

The second lady, Mwanasiti, was hospitalized for having a stroke. I saw her yesterday at Blessed Camp and she was back at the clinic to be seen. After being released from the clinic she was appearing to be doing better, but at this point we are not sure what is going on with her. She will have to go back to the hospital for more testing. Both of these ladies have had leprosy in the past and are partially handicapped because of it. This only adds to the challenges these ladies are having to deal with.

The final update is for a young boy named Hamisi. I wrote about him on our blog last week. He is 7 years old and is HIV positive. When Action Ministry found him about two weeks ago he was in a very feeble condition. He had been sick for quite a while without being taken to a medical facility. They rushed him to the hospital where he is still residing. My first question when I heard about Hamisi was, obviously, why wasn’t he taken to see a doctor? The mother hadn’t given Action Ministry a solid answer for that question. Their speculation is that if the mother took the child in and it was discovered that he has HIV then word would get out that she is HIV positive as well. Often times here in Kenya, unlike Uganda, people would rather not know then deal with the shame of having HIV. But, by living in denial, they put their entire families at risk. It is a sad cycle that desperately needs to be broken.

I am pleased to say that the latest report I received from the doctor is that Hamisi is doing much better. He has just begun eating solid foods again and his body is accepting the medicine he is being given. He will remain at the hospital for at least another week before he is discharged.

We want to thank everyone who donated to these needs, as well as, Action Ministry’s emergency medical fund. You guys are a blessing!

Also, if you would still like to give towards Action Ministry’s emergency fund click here.


Rose being assisted to the clinic


Mwanasiti (and Peter) at the hospital

photo copy

Hamisis at his home