We hope that this last week of March has been a great one for everyone! This week has been a good one for both Action Ministry in Kenya and Bringing Hope to the Family in Uganda, and we would love to share some of our favorite photos from this week with you!

From Kenya:

Cutting loose

Children from Action School at Blessed Camp completely cutting loose with their own reflections!


As other children are enamored with their own reflections, Shamim (the little girl in front) throws me an adorable. yet inquisitive, look.

From Uganda:


Home Again just welcomed triplets into the baby house. Eve, Esther, and Eleanor’s mother died during childbirth and their father is unable to care for them. They were brought to Home Again yesterday from the hospital, and were promptly washed, diapered, swaddled up, and put to bed. Here is Eleanor sleeping peacefully in her new home at Home Again.