Last week I stopped by Everest’s new house to check in and play some UNO, and the Everest I saw there is a totally different person from the Everest I first met last summer. When I first saw Everest he was on one of the dirtiest beds I have ever seen in the dirtiest hospital I have ever been in. I was with Faith when she went to meet Everest, another NGO had asked Bringing Hope to the Family to help him and his family. Everest is paralyzed from the chest down and was found with extremely infected open wounds on his legs, so bad that rats had been gnawing on them at night. When I first saw Everest I saw someone who seemed hopeless.

Now, Everest’s legs are healed, he is working with Village Art making baskets for the craft shop, he is in a new home that was beautifully decorated by some volunteers, and his future is looking bright! Soon Everest will be getting a brace and wheelchair so he can get up and move around. I just can’t wait to see what the future has in store for Everest!

Welcome to another addition of Photo Friday! Our Uganda Program director is back in Uganda now so our posts will once again consist of photos from Uganda as well as Kenya. Here we go…


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After spending a great few weeks in Mombasa visiting the Sasser family, and Action Ministry, I am very happy to be back in Kaihura! Getting from the Ugandan airport to Kaihura was a bit of a public transportation nightmare, but it was all worth it to be back home. I had really missed this little village where I can walk everywhere, get a delicious rolex (fried egg rolled in chapati) and most of all I missed the great people in Kaihura. Overall I’m glad to be back!



Workers are preparing to pour the ceiling on Action Ministry’s new administration office today.  (The plan is that it will eventually be a two-story building.)


This little monkey decided that he wanted to make our ceiling his jungle gym for the day.


Hello world

Next week we have a couple of volunteers that will be arriving in Mombasa, Kenya.  They will be volunteering with us in Kenya and Uganda for two months.  One of the volunteers, Paulina, is an optometrist from southern Mexico.  She will be working alongside Action Ministry staff, as well as, local optometrists as they hold multiple eye clinic outreaches at Blessed Camp.  Action Ministry is extremely excited to be able to provide this service to their community.  Optometry is an often overlooked, but desperately needed medical service.

Our volunteers will be working at Blessed Camp for four weeks before heading to work with Bringing Hope to the Family in Uganda for the remainder of their trip.  After speaking with Action Ministry staff we became aware of another opportunity to provide eye care while in Kenya.  Action Ministry also works in the western part of Kenya near the Ugandan boarder in a village called Got Osimbo.  Got Osimbo is Peter’s (Action Ministry’s director) home village.  We held a medical outreach there back in 2012 and have also helped them with various projects including a clean water well.

We are trying to raise $1000 to fund this five day outreach, as well as, help cover the cost of transporting a few Action Ministry staff members to help facilitate this outreach.  We hope to test 50 to 100 community members during this outreach and also to provide prescription glasses to those in need.

If you would like to get involved in funding this much needed eye clinic outreach in Got Osimbo please click HERE.

Thank you!


These beautiful children came for checkups at our 2012 Got Osimbo medical outreach.


Here, Paulina is checking a patient’s eyes at her office in Mexico.

Through this blog we love to share stories of individuals that our partners are assisting within their communities in eastern Africa. We often share success stories, challenges and opportunities for you to make an impact in the lives of people that are partner’s are serving.  Today we would like to share one of those opportunities with you. We want to introduce you to Deborah Warangi.

Deborah is four years old and has cerebral palsy. She is the daughter of Peter Mbugua, who is one of Action Ministry’s staff members. Peter and his family have been struggling to keep Deborah in a nearby school for children with cerebral palsy. Since attending this school Deborah is now able to walk. She is still not able to speak or have complete control over her arms and legs. We desire to help provide Deborah with the care she needs to help her excel in life as much as possible.

The beauty of this need is that it not only helps Deborah in a way that no ordinary school could, but it also takes an added burden off of Peter and his family and allows him to better focus on the community at Blessed Camp.

If this is a need you would like to get involved with please click here.  We want to thank you for joining us on the blog today.

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