Last week I stopped by Everest’s new house to check in and play some UNO, and the Everest I saw there is a totally different person from the Everest I first met last summer. When I first saw Everest he was on one of the dirtiest beds I have ever seen in the dirtiest hospital I have ever been in. I was with Faith when she went to meet Everest, another NGO had asked Bringing Hope to the Family to help him and his family. Everest is paralyzed from the chest down and was found with extremely infected open wounds on his legs, so bad that rats had been gnawing on them at night. When I first saw Everest I saw someone who seemed hopeless.

Now, Everest’s legs are healed, he is working with Village Art making baskets for the craft shop, he is in a new home that was beautifully decorated by some volunteers, and his future is looking bright! Soon Everest will be getting a brace and wheelchair so he can get up and move around. I just can’t wait to see what the future has in store for Everest!