Through this blog we love to share stories of individuals that our partners are assisting within their communities in eastern Africa. We often share success stories, challenges and opportunities for you to make an impact in the lives of people that are partner’s are serving.  Today we would like to share one of those opportunities with you. We want to introduce you to Deborah Warangi.

Deborah is four years old and has cerebral palsy. She is the daughter of Peter Mbugua, who is one of Action Ministry’s staff members. Peter and his family have been struggling to keep Deborah in a nearby school for children with cerebral palsy. Since attending this school Deborah is now able to walk. She is still not able to speak or have complete control over her arms and legs. We desire to help provide Deborah with the care she needs to help her excel in life as much as possible.

The beauty of this need is that it not only helps Deborah in a way that no ordinary school could, but it also takes an added burden off of Peter and his family and allows him to better focus on the community at Blessed Camp.

If this is a need you would like to get involved with please click here.  We want to thank you for joining us on the blog today.

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