Welcome to another addition of Photo Friday! Our Uganda Program director is back in Uganda now so our posts will once again consist of photos from Uganda as well as Kenya. Here we go…


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After spending a great few weeks in Mombasa visiting the Sasser family, and Action Ministry, I am very happy to be back in Kaihura! Getting from the Ugandan airport to Kaihura was a bit of a public transportation nightmare, but it was all worth it to be back home. I had really missed this little village where I can walk everywhere, get a delicious rolex (fried egg rolled in chapati) and most of all I missed the great people in Kaihura. Overall I’m glad to be back!



Workers are preparing to pour the ceiling on Action Ministry’s new administration office today.  (The plan is that it will eventually be a two-story building.)


This little monkey decided that he wanted to make our ceiling his jungle gym for the day.