Welcome back for another edition of Photo Friday.  Our Mombasa team will be traveling to western Kenya next week so this will be our last Photo Friday  update from Mombasa for about a month.  But, don’t fear! Photo Friday will continue from western Kenya and Uganda. Now, on to this week’s favorite photos…

From Uganda:

photo 1

About 45 minutes away from Kaihura there are lots of crater lakes left over from old volcanic activity. On Tuesday, for my birthday, some friends and I spent the day at one such crater lake. I love days at the lake, they are always filled with beautiful scenery and great friends.

photo 2

The posters you see in the classrooms of Ugandan primary schools are always interesting to me. They often depict a wide variety of concepts; the life cycle of a cockroach, different modes of transportation, types of birds, and in this photo, things used to clean the body. I was most surprised by the inclusion of a razor blade and safety pin. My confusion was lifted when I spoke to one of the school teachers and they explained that razor blades are used for trimming your nails (yikes), and a safety pin is used for removing jiggers (jiggers are little bugs that live in the dust and burrow into the bottom of your feet). So there you have it, a complete guide to hygiene in Uganda.

From Kenya:

BC Blog 2

Earlier this week, while working with our volunteers, we were able to distribute 65 pairs of glasses that we had made for the individuals that came to have their eyes checked during our optometry clinics at Blessed Camp as well as in the Mombasa slums.

Thanks for joining us again.  Have a great weekend!


“Yesterday was my 25th birthday and next week will be my one-year anniversary of living in Uganda. In celebration of both of these milestones I would love to share with you my top three favorite things about life in Uganda!

The people: I have been so blessed with so many amazing friends here in Uganda. Between other volunteers, great people that work with me at BHTF, friends from church, or just people around the village, my life is full of wonderful people! The people here are what make living in Uganda great, and I know they are who I will miss the most when I leave.


The places: I have been fortunate enough to do some traveling around Uganda and East Africa this past year. I have seen lions, elephants, the Nile, the Indian Ocean, and many other amazing things that I know I will never forget. I have loved being able to see some of the awesome things that God has created.


The oddities: I feel like half of my life in Uganda is learning how to laugh at the crazy things you see, or the ridiculous situations you find yourself in. From crazy adventures in public transportation, to seeing livestock squealing down the road on the back of a boda (motorcycle), to being served grasshoppers at lunch, life is never normal and I have learned to appreciate to craziness.”


First off, I would like to wish everyone a happy Memorial Day. We have so much to be thankful for. The sacrifice that so many have given for our country should never be forgotten or taken for granted.

This morning we began distributing the glasses that Paulina and the Lighthouse for Christ team made last week. Joy, excitement and appreciation were all evident at Blessed Camp today. I will let these photos speak for themselves. Thank you again to all who helped fund this project. To say it blessed these people would be an understatement.

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Friday is here again already.  There has been so much going on this week that Friday seemed to sneak up on me quite quickly. Seeing the progress within our partners and their surrounding communities week to week is an exciting privilege. But, without anymore delay here are some of our favorite shots from this week.

From Uganda:

photo 1

This photo was taken because of a detour. A friend and I were headed home when we found the path blocked by a large cow. Every cow in Uganda has horns (in Kenya the cows have humps) and this cow was sporting a very sharp looking pair. Normally cows in my path aren’t really an issue. I just skirt around them and continue on my way, but when I began walking towards this particular cow, it began pawing its hooves, jerking it’s head, and just generally looking aggressive. So I thought it wise to take a longer route home and I was rewarded with this beautiful view.

photo 2

My friend Bella often has an art club with the kids at Home Again. I was there Wednesday for art club and it was such a nice afternoon, watching the kids draw monkeys, lions, snails, and teddy bears.

From Kenya:

photo1 (1)

Our volunteer, Paulina, worked with a local eye center to cut lenses for glasses this week.


The roof is being installed on Action Ministry’s administration office today!

Thanks for joining us on the blog again. Have a great weekend.

This week I had the opportunity to see “behind the curtain” at Lighthouse for Christ Eye Center. Lighthouse for Christ is the eye center we have partnered with for all of our optometry outreaches in Mombasa. The staff has been wonderful to work with and truly have a passion to serve.

I began wearing glasses when I was six, but up until this point I had never seen how lenses were cut and fitted into frames. Nicholas, who has been with Lighthouse for Christ for quite a while, took the time to show me around and explain how the different machines work. I felt like a elementary student on a class field trip.

This week Paulina is working alongside Lighthouse’s team as they cut and prepare the glasses that will be distributed next week. Next week will be exciting as people receive their glasses and can see clearly for the first time in years! We praise God for this opportunity.

Lighthouse 3

Paulina with the Lighthouse for Christ team

Lighthouse 1

Nicholas fitting lenses into frames

Lighthouse 2Paulina’s hard at work!