“Yesterday was my 25th birthday and next week will be my one-year anniversary of living in Uganda. In celebration of both of these milestones I would love to share with you my top three favorite things about life in Uganda!

The people: I have been so blessed with so many amazing friends here in Uganda. Between other volunteers, great people that work with me at BHTF, friends from church, or just people around the village, my life is full of wonderful people! The people here are what make living in Uganda great, and I know they are who I will miss the most when I leave.


The places: I have been fortunate enough to do some traveling around Uganda and East Africa this past year. I have seen lions, elephants, the Nile, the Indian Ocean, and many other amazing things that I know I will never forget. I have loved being able to see some of the awesome things that God has created.


The oddities: I feel like half of my life in Uganda is learning how to laugh at the crazy things you see, or the ridiculous situations you find yourself in. From crazy adventures in public transportation, to seeing livestock squealing down the road on the back of a boda (motorcycle), to being served grasshoppers at lunch, life is never normal and I have learned to appreciate to craziness.”