Friday is here again already.  There has been so much going on this week that Friday seemed to sneak up on me quite quickly. Seeing the progress within our partners and their surrounding communities week to week is an exciting privilege. But, without anymore delay here are some of our favorite shots from this week.

From Uganda:

photo 1

This photo was taken because of a detour. A friend and I were headed home when we found the path blocked by a large cow. Every cow in Uganda has horns (in Kenya the cows have humps) and this cow was sporting a very sharp looking pair. Normally cows in my path aren’t really an issue. I just skirt around them and continue on my way, but when I began walking towards this particular cow, it began pawing its hooves, jerking it’s head, and just generally looking aggressive. So I thought it wise to take a longer route home and I was rewarded with this beautiful view.

photo 2

My friend Bella often has an art club with the kids at Home Again. I was there Wednesday for art club and it was such a nice afternoon, watching the kids draw monkeys, lions, snails, and teddy bears.

From Kenya:

photo1 (1)

Our volunteer, Paulina, worked with a local eye center to cut lenses for glasses this week.


The roof is being installed on Action Ministry’s administration office today!

Thanks for joining us on the blog again. Have a great weekend.